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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2005|09:13 am]
Diet Revolution

After the discussion about how often to weigh yourself this sounds a bit obsessed, but I weighed myself again this morning, mostly just to figure out what is going on with my scales. Firstly it said i'd lost .4 since last time which is feasible, but then I tried again and it went down by a further kilo. So I tried a couple more times and it just repeated the smallest amount.

I had a look in kmart yesterday but they've run out of digital scales. I just don't like thinking that they could be unreliable when you do sort of rely on them as a gauge.

Does target have quite a few Loups? I can go to target sometime or other. I don't want to buy one in Myer because all the people I work with would see and it's dorky.

Anyway, am continuing eating my celery soup today (and boiled eggs for brekkie) because we're going out for indian and a beer tonight. Will just have to think about what i'm consuming that's all.

Now I have to write my 1500 word essay which is due at 5. Shizen.
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Update [Apr. 6th, 2005|08:24 pm]
Diet Revolution

Well everyone else is updating too so I thought I'd say how I'm doing...

I've been off the junk for awhile now, so that's good. And I've been exercising again. Been bike riding these last two days. Mann, I'm so unfit (again).

My sleep patterns are still spazzy though. I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to get to sleep at night now. Anyway, I'll keep eating good and exercising in spite of that. Maybe it'll help.

I'll stick at it all :/
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This is my first post in this community.... [Apr. 6th, 2005|05:15 pm]
Diet Revolution

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Eels - Birds]

I saw Melissa my psychologist yesterday and we spoke about how the main thing in fixing things in my life this time around is my weight. Losing weight will ultimately mean i'll be losing more of my depression problems as well as my anxiety and agoraphobia (which hasn't been bothering me much of late a very good thing). We talked about how I was back in 2000 when I had lost so much weight the most ever and was a nice size 12-14 and could walk into any shop and buy clothes. Back then I felt I was queen of the world. I wasn't depressed by my weight, but back then I had depression and had had since I was 11 I only found out I had it when I was 20, 3 years ago, I didn't suffer from anxiety or agoraphobia.
I want that feeling again.
I was going to walk everyday for 1/2 and hour and then do my yogalates dvd which is an hour long each day or 5 days. But after telling Melissa that we soon realised it wasn't a realistic goal. So we decided I should start off slowly. With walking a few times a week and one Dvd class. Then each week slowly build it up till i'm doing it 5 times a week.
I think this is why I haven't been doing my exercises at all my body was all like "fuck off i'm not doing a half hour walk and then an hour video this early in the day".
It really helped talking this over as my weight has been an issue since i've put it back on in 2001 slowly getting worse every year to now where I am the heaviest i've ever been. I haven't weighed myself in about 18 months and it said 95Kgs I know i'm over 100. I will check my weight when I've lost about 10 kilos. I do know that most of my weight isn't jsut fat it's musle, unwanted musle...
So today I walked for half an hour.
I will do it again tomorrow and then do a Dvd workout on Friday...

I'm very excited at losing all this weight whilst also maintaining what I have been eating which has been nothing but junk the past two weekends but that was a once off. Other than that I've been eating healthily.
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2005|01:24 pm]
Diet Revolution

[mood |happyhappy]

Hi :)
I thought i'd get into the posting sprit too, since luce has started again.

I lost about 1.2 this week (not exactly sure, got new scales - woo! and they weigh to different weights, about 0.3 difference).
I've just been eating really well, and smaller portions and keeping up the gym work. Although i haven't been getting much sun, don't want to go outside at lunch cause i knooow i'll get bored and be mega tempted by naughty chocolates. So yes, I'm pale.

ALso been getting more cramps recently, not sure if this is because i haven't been stretching enough (although am stretching more cause foot doctor (podiatrist) said to) or if i'm lacking in some mineral (zinc, magnesium?) or some other reason. boos.
Was getting one last night at body combat, i kept feeling my calf tightening and had to stop and stretch, mega annoying. Afterwards girl i talk to in the class was asking what was wrong cause she was wondering why i was stopping, she said i usually go hard all the way through. So yay for someone thinking/noticing i go hard, teehee. but boo for crampiness.

I've got these pants that are quite tight only around my thighs, at first i thought it was just cause i was too big for them, but then they fit everywhere else fine. I recently thought it could be cause my thigh muscles are getting bigger, so that's kinda cool/weird.

This is mainly for luce: Saw heaps of people from school at the gym int he last week. jess boyden, jenny baraclough, lucy arblaster (help, didn't have to speak to her though), joula decker. scary mary.
Kirsty also went last night cause she can't walk home anymore - too dark. yays.
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2005|01:01 pm]
Diet Revolution

Weighed myself this morning and had lost .4 since yesterday. Don't think that's right, but i'm thinking that maybe I didn't let the scales settle enough yesterday when I weighed myself, maybe the number I thought it was wasn't actually it. That means they might still be ok. Shazaam

Was going to try and lose 1.5 k this week but don't think I will. In order to try my hardest though, have decided to cook up some celery soup to have for lunch and dinner today. Not very exciting, but not deadly boring like the leek one. This one has stock in it and onions and some carrot as well. Try and make up for the fact that I know tomorrow we're going out to dinner and drinking which is about 10 trillion calories. Mah.
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2005|12:28 pm]
Diet Revolution

Ok people need to post in here more often. Including me.

So I lost 2 kgs last week which was happy. Wasn't that hard either bc had been eating naughty for awhile and because it was like starting again it is easy to lose the first bit. Only went to the gym once though, just for Body Attack. Mostly because I was getting better from my gland thing earlier in the week, and then I was supposed to go on friday too, but I just never want to go on Fridays. Never!

But have just started rereading Mad About the Boy by Maggie Alderson which is most def her best book and it's all about this girl who goes to the gym and meets this stud. Despite the fact that I go to an all girls gym, it's still exciting. Can't wait to go to the gym tonight. Haven't been to my spinning class in about 3 weeks! And it's my favourite thing to do, but have been sick. Meh!

In order to get to the weight I want to be by the time I want to be it I need to lost a bit more than a kg a wee for the next 10 weeks (so 1.5 this week, then 1 per week). Which is a v big stretch. Hum. We'll see.

But excited about the gym. And doing some weights this week, which I didn't do last week. Hazaaaar.

And I think I might have fish for dinnies. Yums.
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2005|12:19 pm]
Diet Revolution

Haven't lost any weight in the past 2 weeks. I lost the weight that I put on in QLD easy enough, but have been v slack with the food recently. Have been going to the gym 4 times a week which is good - and probably the reason that I haven't pu on any weight - but the food is bad.
I think I have motivation back now, but you don't know. Some of the eating was out of my control - PMS couldn't be handled with anything but comfort food and chocolate, but then I sort of settled into eating chocolate more often. Mah.

Still, I think things should be back on track. I've said to myself that when I lose 3 more kilos then i'm going to get some cool new pants for the gym. Probably just the same ones I already have, but i'll be in the size down.

Anyway the RPM launch was this week. It's pretty good, I really like the Coldplay track and the warm down (which is 'last night I had the strangest dream, I sailed away to China, in a little row boat to findya...).

Attack launch is tonight which is v exciting, esp as Anna and Steph are going to come with. I've told them it's pretty hard to hopefully they're prepped for it. You can pace yourself anyhoo.

Anyway, help me with motivation! Argh!
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1 down [Feb. 4th, 2005|09:14 pm]
Diet Revolution

1 kg down. The jogging and swimming must be working. Can't say I notice the difference yet, heh.

Chris and I were over Michael's house last night where he had us doing exercise at friggin' 11:30 pm. I was so so tired today as a result. Nonetheless, Michael said he's willing to train Chris and I. Hmm, he's an evil fitness nazi, but when it comes to exercise he knows what he's talking about and he'll certainly get good results in us, so I'm thinking that'll be a ... yes.

This will also most likely mean that I'll be back to doing body combat, body pump, and body balance again too. Which should be painful good.
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2005|11:24 am]
Diet Revolution

Weighed myself again this morning and have lost another kg which means about 5 since NY and have lost 9.5 since starting. So that's good.
I want to lose another 1.5 before going to QLD which is the 14th so I think that's doable lah.
Gym is still good. Don't really do anything on the regular cardio stuff anymore, maybe i'll feel like it soon. It's just that classes push you so much harder.
Attack is tonight, hope it is as good as last week. It can either be really good like then, or sometimes makes me want to vomit so hopefully it's not the later tonight.
I want some tea.
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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2005|01:20 pm]
Diet Revolution

Lou's right haven't updated in here for ages.
I've been going ok. Had a crap week last week (went out to dinner 3 times and had cookies and a muffin etc) but since new year have lost 3 more kilos. I want to lose 3 more before I go to QLD and that's on the 13th of Feb is tres doable.
Have been going to the gym about 3-4 times a week (except last week bc had all my assessments at one time so could only go twice).
My regime is sort of like this
Monday: free weights and RPM (spinning class)
Tues: Body Pump and RPM
Wed: free weights and RPM
Thurs: Body attack.

I do RPM so often, but I just find it the best cardio possible. The class runs for about 40-50 minutes and you burn up to 900 calories which I probably wouldn't do on my own in an hours worth on the regular machines. So tis don, tis good.

Anyhoo that's all the news I have.

Oh no it's not.
Have any of you guys been watching the Biggest Loser? If not you have to because not only is it a tops show, but is tres inspirational. Because the contestants are living and breathing the whole thing they lose up to like 10 kgs a week bc they do about 4-5 hours of exercise each day. Obviously we'd never do anything so extreme but it's gooooood.
So watch.
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